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Behind the Scenes

This is where the fun begins!

Welcome to your exclusive all-access “behind the scenes” look into StudioTribe's image making process. We’ve produced a step-by-step look at the creation of some of our coolest work. From CGI tricks to commercial photography tips we’re prepared to tell all, taking you on a tour of what we love most - making images.

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In this example we’ll be showing the magic behind the curtain so to speak. Working from the provided image on the left our challenge was to create the effect of our model’s kilt being blown by the wind revealing bare legs below. To start we sourced stock photography of legs and found a pair that fit nicely but were black and white so we colorized them to match flesh tones above. Next a 3D model was created and animated using cloth deformation and a wind effect, once animated we were able to go back through and pick a single frame we liked best. A tartan cloth fabric texture was added from a swatch and the resulting 3D model was rendered high-resolution and composed with our model and new legs. Final adjustments to improve overall lighting finished out the piece.