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Why the Tree?

Remember when you were a kid, that childhood imagination, limitless creativity and anything, absolutely anything was possible – that is the way we feel here everyday at StudioTribe. It’s not just a studio, it’s a clubhouse – our fort to protect us from the routine and boring, a treehouse high in the canopy where ideas flourish, kids play and smile a lot (adults too).

It’s a place where ideas have wings, where “no” isn’t an option, where people care about details that make things special and unique, and where you are free to explore and be inspired to do great things.

We made a pact that life is too short not to enjoy each & every day; we challenge each other and use our collective skills to bring dreams to reality. You see, we have a well-established sort of camaraderie you typically only experience once in a lifetime with your childhood pals. For sure, there are some perks to having this type of uninhibited relationship with your co-workers –

  1. You look forward to coming to work each day
  2. You get to tell your cohorts “how you really feel”
  3. You always have someone to play with

The biggest benefit of our camaraderie, however, is experienced by our clients – unbridled creativity and collaboration. We approach every project with wide-eyed enthusiasm and an intense zeal for what CAN be.

So, climb with us, up into the trees, we’ll take your concepts to heights you’ve never imagined and get it all done before mom calls us home for dinner.