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Behind the Scenes

This is where the fun begins!

Welcome to your exclusive all-access “behind the scenes” look into StudioTribe's image making process. We’ve produced a step-by-step look at the creation of some of our coolest work. From CGI tricks to commercial photography tips we’re prepared to tell all, taking you on a tour of what we love most - making images.

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This product graphic was created in 3D, featuring Uniden’s new phone.

By utilizing 3D rather than photography for this project, StudioTribe was able to attain ongoing control of reflections and lighting. Different surfaces were able to be lit independently from one another allowing superior control of the final result. The 3D rendering was created by translating existing CAD files from the manufacturer into DXF files and imported into the three dimensional scene.

Once imported the wire mesh was cleaned up to delete unneeded interior information, textured to match the phone’s surface material properties and rendered to a photo realistic high-res image.