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A Magically Creative Collaboration


We teamed up with Jarritos’ AOR, WALO, to create three animated spots showcasing Jarritos MXCN Cola.   The video spots are centered around the tradition of the Dia de los Muertos celebration and show, through a sequence of events, the magic of Jarritos’ MXCN Cola and how much it is loved – even in the afterlife.  Most know us for our CGI & Creative Imaging services but this project allowed us to utilize some of our other skills including motion capture, videography, post-production, visual fx, color grading, & animation.

We’re adding on to the Treehouse!














We are thrilled to announce that we’ve added two new artists, Kyle Wood and Angelle Patton.

Kyle joined us this March, bringing nearly 25 years of experience in creative retouching, photography, 3D/CGI, photo illustration & animation experience. Outside of a brief stint in Chicago, Kyle is a Dallas native (I mean nobody is really just from Dallas, right??) and spends his free time with his wife & two young daughters, that is, if they can pull him away from his computer. His motivation to become a digital artist was inspired by the onset of computer imaging. He was working at a small traditional illustration studio at the time and recognized how dramatically technology was going to change his world – instead of sketching, erasing, sketching, erasing then colorizing, erasing, colorizing & erasing, he could draw and colorize at the same time with easy undo’s and version control which gave him more time to explore, to play, and to see his creations come to life more than ever before. Instead of resisting, he embraced and has done so ever since. Kyle loves solving visual problems and enjoys working with others in the creative process.

Angelle Patton (pronounced OnGel) is a traditional artist and character designer from Lake Charles, LA and is just beginning her career with us in digital art and advertising. After a three month internship we knew we couldn’t let this opportunity slip away, you can teach job specs and workflow but the natural ability to draw and paint combined with a friendly personality and great work ethic make Angelle a truly fantastic addition to our creative team. Angelle enjoys a good joke, visual puns to be specific and is quickly mastering the technicalities needed to bring her art to life onscreen. Outside of work Angelle enjoys drawing and building up her Instagram art trades on the weekends.

Be sure to say hello to Kyle & Angelle next time you visit the studio, we look forward to seeing you!


Check out this amazingly creative promo for Doritos that we got to work on . . .

Getting the band back together!

StudioTribe is pleased to introduce a “new” member of the team, Jodi James. Jodi will assume all duties related to marketing & business development as we venture deeper into the image making forest & beyond. We say “new” but Jodi is no newbie to the advertising biz. She repped us from 2004-2012 BST (before StudioTribe) and was involved in the original development of many of the accounts that we still work with today. After a short hiatus & procreation of two future StudioTribers (Carly & Wade), she has returned to her indigenous roots. Jodi brings a vast skill set with nearly 17 years of sales & marketing experience with advertising agencies and corporate clients on a local and national level. She is known to climb any tree for her clients and is knowledgeable in not only creative imaging for advertising but also the various printing processes, media, & packaging.

Jodi received her bachelor’s degree in Marketing & International Business in 1999 from Oklahoma State University. She started her career selling air time at the Edge radio station in Tulsa, OK where her most memorable experience was meeting Weird Al Yankovic and filling in as one of his “Smells Like Nirvana” teen spirit dancers at his local show. After a few years in the world of digital printing, she decided to not accept the title of “Old Maid’ in Oklahoma and made the venture to the Big D in 2004 where her career launched into providing a full suite of services for print advertising & packaging including design, photography, image creation & print services for clients in a variety of industries ranging from retail to restaurants to consumer products.

In her downtime, Jodi enjoys going to concerts . . . any concert (two of her favorites were Merle Haggard and Ice Cube), spending time with family & friends, travel & she still has the utmost appreciation for all the adventures the Big D has to offer (fashion, arts & culture, restaurants, parks, meeting people from all walks of life, etc.). As we mentioned above, Jodi will lead our marketing efforts in addition to sales. So, if you know Jodi already or have any inquiries about us, give her a shout (that is if she doesn’t contact you first).

StudioTribe earns street cred at 2016 Dallas Addy Awards

Studiotribe earned some street cred at the 54th annual Dallas Addy Awards thanks to Moroch, one of our clients, who entered their project, the McDonalds Baked Greats bus wrap. This out-of-home eyecatcher was a success for everyone involved but was no cakewalk to complete. With the goal of creating a bus-sized package of tasty cakes, Studiotribe was given a few physical boxes as well as the packaging artwork to kick off the project. The packaging artwork was deconstructed and laid out to fit the bus profile and a cardboard texture was applied to the artwork to make it feel realistic. We photographed the actual packaging to capture highlight detail for the cellophane window and scalloped overlap near the bottom edge. Existing photography of the two bunt cakes were provided and we superimposed them into the photo of the clear plastic opening. Moroch’s team received Addy GOLD which was just icing on the cake. We appreciate the shout out, guys!



Two New Artists Take the Climb at StudioTribe

Because all trees grow when properly watered, two new artists joined us here at StudioTribe in 2015 – Paul Miller & Joel Parés.

We proudly discovered Paul and brought him in as a digital imaging & animation artist looking to expand his portfolio. In a short amount of time, we’ve certainly helped him do just that. Born & raised in Plano, TX, Paul began drawing at a very young age, not for school but for fun, and naturally discovered a bonafide talent for character development (only back then he called it drawing wizards & orcs and accredits Dungeons & Dragons as his inspiration). “Everybody told me I was good,” Paul expressed, “so I decided to pursue a degree in Animation from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.” Until then, Paul had no idea that he could make a career out of this boyhood hobby. Paul graduated in 2013 and moved back to the Dallas area where he worked at a 3D body scan shop that ultimately created bobbleheads before climbing into his chair at StudioTribe. Here, he acts as a big part of the trunk to our tree specializing in conceptual sketching, character development & 3D modeling. When asked what he does in his spare time, Paul responds with “more 3D animation, of course.” He also has fun creating 3D miniatures and game pieces, turning his animations into real-life objects. Paul feels like he’s reached the top when he gets client approval on his projects. This tells him that not only are his artistic skills in tact but that he could also moonlight as an interpreter.

We’d also like to welcome Joel Parés to the team. Joel is an award winning, internationally recognized and published photographer and digital artist who specializes in exactly what we do here at StudioTribe – creative imaging and compositing for advertising. Joel was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Denton, TX where he grew up watching his father take pictures with a 35mm camera and listened to his mother tell countless stories of her modeling days back home. This combination of image and story, paired with his invaluable exposure to different cultures while in the Marines, inspired Joel to purchase a camera during his last deployment. It was during this time that he taught himself how to photograph people and how to use Photoshop to elaborate on their expressions – tell their story. In 2012, he was at a turning point in his life and decided to branch out & go with his gut – he enrolled at the Art Institute of Dallas, despite already being a self-taught professional photographer & digital artist. This is where he was able to learn the fundamentals of fine art in both shooting and post-production. The vast amount of Joel’s skills, however, come from his own internal passion for taking an image and making it great, no matter what. After graduation, Joel turned a temporary internship into a full time retouching position with an acclaimed local photographer for two years BST (Before StudioTribe). Joel spends his free time working on other creative projects, playing sports and practices martial arts when he can. He feels like he’s reached the top when he sees the subjects transform in his imagery. He has the confidence to do just about anything on a computer and enjoys the journey of art (& life for that matter) almost even more than the final destination.

Please join us in initiating these guys accordingly.

StudioTribe exceeds first year projections thanks to SCORE Dallas and the Small Business Administration

Huge thanks to everyone at SCORE Dallas, we’re so proud to be a small business success story!


StudioTribe wins gold at the 2013 ADDY’s check out our behind the scenes post to see our award winning work

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