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Behind the Scenes

This is where the fun begins!

Welcome to your exclusive all-access “behind the scenes” look into StudioTribe's image making process. We’ve produced a step-by-step look at the creation of some of our coolest work. From CGI tricks to commercial photography tips we’re prepared to tell all, taking you on a tour of what we love most - making images.

Sweet ADDY Gold! We teamed up with the gang at The Marketing Arm and photographer Randal Ford to create this series of images for Frito Lay. Working from original photography of the models and horses, StudioTribe created the stage coach, backgrounds and armor for the horses. This being a multi-piece POS campaign, the stage coach and horses were seen in several different angles across the image series so the majority of the art elements were created as 3D renderings that could be rotated and fit realistically to the photography and layouts, a good example of this is the armor for the horses which was shaped to fit the horses in their various poses.