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Behind the Scenes

This is where the fun begins!

Welcome to your exclusive all-access “behind the scenes” look into StudioTribe's image making process. We’ve produced a step-by-step look at the creation of some of our coolest work. From CGI tricks to commercial photography tips we’re prepared to tell all, taking you on a tour of what we love most - making images.

This image was created to promote an eco friendly parking space. Starting with base photography of the parking garage, additional support images were planned and shot to provide a foundation for the photo illustration work. A 3D wireframe was created matching the scale and angles of the ceiling, support posts and floor. By meshing the wireframe to the photo (using lens selection, camera height and distance matching), StudioTribe created digital plants and vines that were “instructed” to grow up the columns and along the ceiling. Additional photography was shot for the pathway, plants and flowers, with careful attention to camera and lens settings in order to matching the base photo and 3D illustration. The resulting elements were then combined adding lighting effects and an illustrated irrigation sprinkler.